LUX 75

LUX 75 with 3 Sided PANORAMIC Glass installed into a  BRANDON Chimney Breast SUITE.

SRP: £1,499.00* inc VAT

An ultra realistic flame effect fire, the LUX 75 can be fitted as a corner, front facing or panoramic appliance. Featuring our itronic flame effect technology and Premium Real Log fuel bed

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  • Ultra realistic, contoured itronic flame effect technology
  • Three flame speed settings
  • Choice of three flickering fuel beds                                                                                                                                      Premium Real Wood Log Set                                                                                             Woodland Effect Log Set                                                                                                       Silver Birch Log Set
  • Seven preset illumination themes and one custom setting
  • Nine independent fuel bed, flame effect and downlight colours plus adjustable brightness
  • Crackling fire audio with six volume settings
  • Supplieed with handheld remote control as standard
  • App control for smart phones, tablets & watches
  • Running costs from only 3p per hour*

LUX Seven Pre-Set Flame Effects








LUX 75 installed into a traditional fireplace

Premium Real Log Fuel Bed

Silver Birch Log Fuel Bed

Woodland Log Fuel Bed

LUX 75 with 3 Sided Panoramic Glass installed into a Brandon Chimney Breast Suite. 

Available with Scene Light Kit