How to Refresh your Fireplace for 2024

For many homeowners, the new year sparks motivation for an interior refresh.

When the festivities come to an end and the Christmas decorations have been packed away, it can often leave our spaces feeling bare and lacking ambience. We believe that the start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to make any home improvements that you may have been considering.

Whether you take the plunge and opt for a full renovation, or simply wish to make a few minor upgrades, transforming your home can be a truly fulfilling way to start the year.

When deciding what areas will benefit from a freshen up, your fireplace is a great place to start. With a fireplace often being the focus of our living spaces, a redesign will never go unnoticed. Even the simplest of restyles, such as a new fascia, can offer a completely new vibe!

Read on to discover just a few quick and easy ways to refresh your fireplace for 2024.

Seasonal switch-up (think inside the box)

Now that the tinsel is tucked away, it’s safe to say our homes may be lacking that festive sparkle. Over the seasonal period we were delighted to see our customers getting creative with their arrangements. We especially loved seeing decorations nestled within log fuel beds, highlighting just how customisable and personal a fireplace can be.

Switching up the contents of your electric fire is a simple and effective way to add a new feel to your space. You can add seasonal or decorative items, customising your fireplace as often as you want. This is easily achieved by removing the front glass panel of your LUX fire and adding in props of your choice (e.g. Easter eggs, autumnal leaves/pumpkins, winter berries/foliage etc.)

Another simple-yet-effective way to refresh the look of your fireplace is to display a different style of log fuel bed. With a LUX fire you can choose between our two realistic ceramic log sets in ‘woodland’ or ‘silver birch’ finishes. Alternatively, our Premium Real Log fuel beds offers a truly realistic aesthetic having been crafted from actual logs and charred by hand.

Adjust the ambience with a pop of colour

One of the many benefits of owning a LUX fire is the ability to personalise your model through a stunning choice of flame colours.

You can choose from a range of seven preset illumination themes, easily changed at the touch of a single button. Alternatively, there are nine independent colours to choose from should you wish to customise the flame, fuel bed and downlight colours. You can even save your custom colour combination to re-use whenever you feel like it!

With so many colour options and features, it’s easy to change the vibe of your space depending on the season, your mood, or even the genre of movie you’re watching (our personal favourite is Magma for horror movie night!)

With ultra-simple operation, your choice of flame colour can be controlled via handset, smart phone/tablet, smart watch, and even through voice control via Alexa – what a way to impress your guests!

Liven up your surroundings with a lick of paint

It goes without saying that a fresh coat of paint or some feature wallpaper is one of the most budget-friendly ways to rejuvenate and elevate your space.

With media walls often spanning across the majority or entirety of your wall, opting for a colour switch-up is a great way to breathe new life into your interior. If you have built in shelves or alcoves, you can make a feature out of them by painting the insides a contrasting colour. With so many colourful and interesting wallpapers available, you can even wallpaper behind your shelving or inside your alcoves.

Changing the colour of your media wall or adding wallpaper as a feature is an easy way to further enhance your home’s focal point with minimal effort required.

Embellish your inset shelves for a personal touch

Offering both style and functionality, inset shelves and/or cupboards are a major design feature of most media wall installations. 

Over time, the items we choose to display in our media walls can look tired or outdated, or we may just fall out of love with them. Refreshing the accessories that you have displayed within your media wall’s inset shelves can drastically improve the overall appearance of your fireplace installation. Consider changing your picture frames or re-spraying vases and ornaments to give them a fresh new look.

Many of our customers add battery operated or rechargeable lighting such as candles or lamps. Accessories such as these can add depth and warmth, making your space feel cosy and snug.

Why not check out our Instagram page for inspiration on how to accessorise your media wall shelving?

Freshen up with a new Fascia

If you have a more traditional fireplace featuring one of our Solution inset fires, a new fascia or trim and fret is the simplest way to refresh your fireplace.

If you decide to change the colour of your living room or introduce a new accent colour, you don’t have to work around your existing fireplace. Our contemporary fascias, or trim and fret options are all magnetic. You can remove your old fascia and put a new one in place, transforming your fireplace in less than 5 minutes!

Available in multiple different colours and styles, we have something to suit every home interior.

To find out more about our electric fires and fireplaces, either browse the full range on our website or visit your nearest stockist, which you can locate here: