A Guide to Media Wall Fires

Media wall fires have risen in popularity in recent years, not only for their ability to create a luxurious focal point in any room of the home, but also thanks to their low-maintenance upkeep in comparison to traditional fireplaces, endless customisation options and easy control.

The Solution Fires range offers a new generation of technologically advanced, ultra-realistic electric fires, affording the ultimate user-friendly experience simply at the touch of a button.

In order to harness the many enjoyable benefits of your Solution Fire, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions which we will answer throughout this blog.

Do electric fireplaces give out much heat?

When introducing an electric fireplace to our interiors, many of us are looking to add both a stunning statement piece, as well as a source of heat to our homes.

Solution Fires feature a thermostatically controlled, ultra quiet fan heater which offers an efficient heat output of 1-2 kW, assuring both your aesthetic and functional needs are met.

Craving those ambient fire acoustics? Our crackling audio feature can be switched on and off to create an enticing atmosphere depending on your mood.

Where can I fit a media wall fire in my home?

A common misconception is that a built-in model will take up the majority of the room in which you choose to place it in – however, this is not the case!

One of the many benefits of bespoke media walls is that they are made to measure, meaning an installation can be tailored to your space and fitted into any room of your choice. All they need is a standard electric socket!

So, whether you’d prefer to create a striking centrepiece with a larger fire like the SLE200 (as pictured above), or if you wish to intensify the ambience in your bedroom and create a cosy corner, a smaller fire such as the SLE100 tucks perfectly into a corner media wall installation.

Are electric fires safe for children/pets?

Open fireplaces are a potential hazard for children and pets, which naturally means leaving little ones and furry friends unattended around them isn’t really an option.

An electric fire, however, doesn’t pose this problem and allows families to relieve themselves of this worry. You can benefit from a gorgeous, crackling fire display all year round with full peace of mind that curious little ones won’t be at risk of harm.

Credit @homeonhardwick on Instagram

How much maintenance does an electric fire require?

To put it plainly, an electric media wall fire simply requires a quick dust every few weeks, and you’ll be good to go!

Unlike many traditional fireplace options, electric fires are incredibly low-maintenance, requiring no professional servicing, or need for a thorough clean – therefore allowing you to save both time and money.

Solution Fires also come equipped with a choice of two styles of ultra-realistic log fuel beds (classic Forest logs, or stylish Silver Birch), and unlike a traditional log burning fire, there will be no need for storing and re-purchasing logs, kindle and fuel, or sweeping ash.

All you’ll need to do is give the fan and glass a quick wipe over as and when needed, and then you can sit back and admire your contoured flame display!

Can I take my media wall fire with me when I move home?

While your bespoke media wall isn’t exactly transportable, media wall fires can be easily unplugged and removed from their built frame to then be re-installed in your new home as they only require an electric power socket – making it incredibly easy to take your favourite interior piece to your next destination!

To find out more about our electric fires and fireplaces, browse our range on our website, or visit your nearest Solution Fires stockist which you can locate here: https://solutionfires.co.uk/where-to-buy/