The Finishing Touches – Add a Final Flourish to Your Fire

When decorating our homes, it is imperative to many of us to be able to incorporate our own personal touch, as a way of expressing our personalities through our choice of interior design.

Whether it be choosing bold coloured accents for a brand-new kitchen suite, or the shade of a plush lounge cushion, endless interior customisation possibilities allow homeowners to create a bespoke finish that is unique to their home and perfectly suits their preferences.

Your fireplace should be no different, and here at Solution Fires, we aim to ensure our customers have complete control over the appearance of their fire, from the finish of the exterior to the downlight colour, and brightness of flames.

In this blog, we explore the customisable features which set Solution Fires apart and can be set to complement your home’s aesthetic like a match made in heaven.

Amp up the Ambience with LED Lighting

Whether you wish to create an ambient glow, or implement a striking contrast with an eye-catching burst of colour, your ideal atmosphere can be easily attained by using any of our six versatile pre-set fireplace colour options.

Designed to suit your evolving tastes and ensure your centrepiece always flows with the rest of your décor, you can easily determine the vibe of your interior using our independently controlled Solution app, or with the Solution Fires remote control.

Craving a cosy night in? Why not set the tone using our traditional blaze pre-set:

Or, if you’re dressing to impress for a night hosting friends and family, you can easily level-up your interior to match the occasion by choosing our spectacular Aqua pre-set:

Select your Suite Finish

Our deluxe range of suite options are not only made to measure but are also designed to cater to a range of interior tastes, with a selection of four stylish finishes to choose from.

Fitting simply to a flat wall, our suites deliver a high impact appeal for all shapes and sizes of rooms, no matter how big or small – allowing you to have that showstopping statement piece you’ve always wanted.

Suite finishes can also be combined, creating an effect that is completely unique to your home as shown here with the Supreme Slate Effect, and Standard Graphite Grey finish.

Design a Media Wall to Fit Your Needs

With endless possibilities for customisation, highly versatile media walls give customers full rein to design a bespoke focal point that meets the needs of their interior.

Inset shelves are a great way of adding a personal touch, and are easy to incorporate into your media wall installation to offer a luxurious platform for displaying ornaments, books, and family photographs.

Not only do media walls provide a state-of-the-art display, but they also neatly encapsulate any unsightly wires, creating a clutter-free interior.

Refresh Your Space with Rustic Logs

Matching your fire to your personal taste has never been easier, with a choice of two ultra-realistic, handcrafted log fuel beds in either beautiful silver birch, or traditional forest logs.

Ideal for minimalist interiors, silver birch logs add an elegant touch to your living space, or for an ultimate authentic appearance, opt for the traditional forest logs which boast a timeless appeal.

If you’d prefer to change up your display depending on the season, you can even choose both sets as the fuel log beds can be easily switched out according to the time of year!

Silver birch log fuel bed
Forest log fuel bed

Finishing Touches

Customers can also choose to upgrade their fire with anti-reflective glass, allowing crystal clear clarity for the ultimate viewing experience.

Here at Solution Fires, we aim to put our customers at the forefront of their designs.

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