Key Considerations for Choosing a Luxury Electric Fire

There has been a significant rise in demand for electric fires in recent years. A fantastic design feature for modern interiors, and available in so many different styles and sizes, electric fires afford the user a state-of-the-art, ultra realistic flame display with the added bonus of little to no maintenance compared to other fireplace options.

Modern components give the appliance an indefinite lifespan and so it’s important to ensure that you select an electric fire that is right for your home, and your needs.

There are several key considerations to be made in choosing the perfect electric fire, which we outline in this blog.  

Sizing Up

Size is the very first thing you need to consider. Everyone’s homes and room configurations are different, and there are an array of different sizes and widths to choose from, however it is important to pick a fire that is right for your space.

The larger models, such as the SLE200, are perfect for creating a real statement centrepiece, whereas a more compact fire might be a better choice if you don’t have as much space. For example, the Solution Fires built in electric fires range in size from 75cm wide to 2m wide so we can cater to all types of homes. You should ensure to study the dimensions of the model that you are interested in, and carefully measure up your space to ensure the best fit.

Flame Effect

For an authentic feel, flame effect is key. Electric fires and the technology used have come a long way since they were first invented, but there is still a big variation in flame effect quality, and things like flicker speed and flame height have a big impact on how realistic the fire looks. A model which comes with crackling fire audio really gives you the look and feel of a real fire.

Installation and Style

One of the many benefits of a modern electric fireplace is that, unlike a wood-burning stove, you can install one in any room. An electric fireplace can be fitted wherever you want – be that living room, open plan kitchen or even bedroom for a luxurious touch – as they just require a standard electric socket. It’s totally up to you to determine which space in your home would benefit the most from the cosy ambience created by a beautiful flame display!

Since the inception of electric fires, they have come a really long way and there are so many different models on the market now, so you’ll want to think about which style best suits your interior design choices.

Ranging from inset, wall mounted, built in, to floor standing suites that fit simply to a flat wall, the Solution Fires range also includes a modern cylindrical electric stove featuring three-sided glass for an optimum view of the log fuel bed.

You might even want to consider a modern bespoke media wall installation – these are super on-trend, and create a stunning focal point in any living space, while neatly boxing off any messy cabling for a totally sleek finish. If this is your installation of choice, do take into account the size of your TV. The perfect media wall will comprise of a fire that is either the same width or a little wider than the TV screen; if your fire is smaller than your TV, you risk creating a ‘top-heavy’ effect and your fire looking disproportionate, or even being dwarfed by the screen.


Many people want to be able to tailor their fire to suit their interior design style and individual taste, and having a customisable element to your fire is a big benefit. With most electric fires nowadays, you can alter the flame colour, and with every Solution Fire model, you even have the option of customising your fuel bed, downlights and scene lighting to suit your mood. Or, you might want to turn the flames off entirely in summer, and thus create interesting lighting effects. You don’t have to stick with your classic log fuel bed either – for example, Solution Fires come with a choice of either classic Forest Logs, or a beautiful Silver Birch fuel bed.

Something else to look out for is a model which allows you to remove the glass front as this means you can style your fire to suit the season. Accessorise your fuel bed with baubles for Christmas, or perhaps pumpkins for Halloween! 


Usability is crucial, and due to technological advances electric fires can now be controlled not just with a remote handset, but also through most smart phones, tablets, and watches via App control. This means that you can set your desired ambience from the comfort of your armchair, or even in advance of your return home – so inspecting the controls and features if you want this luxury!

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