Step by Step Media Wall Installation Process

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your living space and you are thinking bigger than just another layer of quirky wallpaper, media walls are a great way to add that wow factor that you’ve been craving.

Our luxury electric fires, available in a range of different sizes, work perfectly with media walls to create a visually impressive feature.  A media wall not only provides a stunning focal point for a living space, open plan kitchen or even bedroom, but also serves a functional purpose as an all-inclusive entertainment station.

But how does the media wall installation process work?

We spoke to our retailer on the Isle of Man, Envy Furnishings, who talked us through the process, whilst showcasing an incredible recent installation for a very happy customer!

Design Stage

The design stage is the initial, vital step that helps you plan your media wall to perfection.

Firstly, ask yourself how much space do you wish to allocate for your media wall? You can fit one against any wall you like, but you may wish to choose the biggest wall of the room – especially if you are going for a larger, showpiece fire such as the SLE200. Choosing a larger wall also gives you the option of incorporating built in shelves on either side of your TV, for an attractive symmetrical effect.

There was plenty for this customer to decide on during the design stage, such as the chosen room for the installation, size of fire, and any additional extras e.g., added storage, shelving, or an insert for a soundbar, just to name a few!

To really help you envision your project, Envy Furnishings use 3D CAD Design software which enables the customer to see how their media wall will look. It is at this stage that customers also have the opportunity to tweak their design.

This customer had a number of specific requests – for the ultimate multimedia experience, they wanted to incorporate room for a sound bar in their installation, as well as additional plug sockets for games consoles. The customer was also keen to use the media wall to display Lego sculptures, so their design incorporated six stylish, inset shelves.

In this case, an appropriate amount of space was allocated within the TV cut out to allow room for the sound bar, however in some instances, a separate cut out can be created underneath the TV. It’s completely up to each customer and their individual preferences!

Wooden Frame & Electrical Work

Once the design process has been completed and adjusted to suit the customer’s requirements, the installation can begin to take place.

A wooden frame is erected against the selected wall, then the electrical installation work is next. Power sockets are moved if necessary – sockets need to be accessible, but can be concealed neatly within shelves if you have opted to include them in your design.

Typically, Envy Furnishings advise that an average of 3 double sockets per media wall are required to cater for all of your multimedia requirements.

Fitting the Electric Fire & Plaster Boarding

Next, the electric fire is placed in position, and the plastering process begins.

Plasterboard is applied to the frame and skimmed, and two full days’ drying time is required prior to painting.

LED Strip Lights & TV

Following this, once the paint has dried, the TV and LED strip lights are fitted – voilà!

Many thanks to Envy Furnishings for providing us with this sterling example of a premium media wall to demonstrate the step-by-step installation process!

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