Benefits of Electric Fires

Electric fireplaces have surged in popularity in recent years, not only for their ability to create a stunning centrepiece in your home, but thanks to a number of game-changing features that prove ideal for the modern-day family’s needs!

At Solution Fires, we pride ourselves on our array of advanced technology which maximises users’ experience through a variety of different means, allowing you to enjoy a state-of-the-art flame display with little to no maintenance compared to a traditional fireplace.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at a few of the revolutionary benefits that come with choosing an electric fire.

Upgrade any Room in Your Home

No chimney? No worries! One of the many benefits of a modern electric fireplace is that, unlike a wood-burning stove, you can install one in any room of the home.

An electric fireplace can be fitted wherever you want – be that living room, open plan kitchen space or even bedroom for a luxurious touch – as they just require a standard electric socket.

As well as our collection of inset electric fires and built-in fires which are perfect for creating bespoke media walls, we offer an impressive range of luxury wall mounted electric fires and floor standing suites which are highly versatile and fit simply to a flat wall. It’s totally up to you to determine which room of your home would benefit from a dazzling display of flames!

Whether you choose to light up your living space, or inject some ambience into the bedroom, gaining access to the ultimate cosy set-up has never been easier.

Image : Fires & Stoves Chester

Safe for the Family

It is common knowledge that curious children and clumsy pets don’t mesh well with traditional fireplace options such as gas or woodburning stoves.

However, with an electric fire, there are no need for strict precautions and safety measures, and you will have complete peace of mind that your little ones and furry friends are safe.

With the benefit of both warmth and safety, Solution Fires feature our ultra realistic, contoured itronic flame technology and a thermostatically controlled (1-2kW) ultra quiet fan heater, with the added bonus of a seven day programmer.  

Image : Fires & Stoves Chester

High Quality Output, Low Maintenance Upkeep

Many people may be unaware of the level of maintenance and upkeep involved in certain methods of home heating. For example, having a log fire requires regular tending to, not only to prolong its efficiency, but also to ensure safety.

Electric fires benefit from the highest lifespan out of all available heating options on the market, and certainly the least frequent, and simplest maintenance. Keeping your glass window sparkling with a regular wipe over and ensuring your fan is dust free is about as much effort as you’ll need to go to, and you definitely won’t need to worry about professional servicing or the cost that comes with it.  You also won’t be jumping up in the middle of your favourite movie to revive a dying fire.

With no ash to get rid of or soot deposits to clear, Solution Fires provide a mesmerising flame display at the touch of a button. Your job is to sit back and enjoy the ambience from the comfort of your favourite armchair!

Get Creative

Whether you wish to add a wholesome glow to your cosy night in or want to spice up the atmosphere when hosting a late-night party, Solution Fires quite literally have an ambient lighting solution for every occasion.

Get the most use out of your fireplace with our stunning range of six LED pre-set colours, which you can pick and choose from depending on your mood – or even select to match your décor.

A choice of two ultra-realistic log fuel beds (Forest Log or Silver Birch) that can be switched out with ease mean your fire can have a makeover in minutes!

Forest Log Fuel Bed
Silver Birch Log Fuel Bed

Truly customisable to meet your needs, you can also enjoy your Solution Fire minus the heat; allowing you to create an attractive lighting display and utilise your fire all year round. For those wishing to get inventive, did you know you can style your Solution Fire to suit the season? Carefully remove the glass front and accessorise with delightful decorations for different times of the year; it could be sparkling baubles for Christmas, or spooky skulls and bodeful bats for Halloween! 

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