Solution Fire’s top social media images to inspire you this Autumn

Over the past few months, we have been delighted to see some amazing images on social media from customers who have installed one of our bespoke fireplaces. We are also thrilled to see so many retailers sharing their Solution Fire installations in their showrooms as well as in their customers’ homes.

We thought we’d showcase our top picks from customers who have incorporated our customisable fireplaces into their living space and created a unique blueprint to suit the style of their home and inspire other keen interior lovers.


@homeinthecolne on Instagram has shared the linear masterpiece that snugly utilises her Solution Fire to create a cosy space and a warm ember to contrast with the darker shelving unit that encapsulates its frame.

The clever use of light and warmth in combination with back paneling mirrors helps open up and create a spacious and light contrast to the rich charcoal colour scheme.


@fi196_sw on Instagram presents the perfect feature wall and effectively utilises space to create a subtle pop of colour in contrast to the minimal scheme of this wall without interruption to its integrated flow.

The use of our coloured scene lighting highlights the customers free reign to set and change the mood of the room depending on time of day and occasion, giving a different feel to the interior and adding another dimension to the atmospheric media wall as shown above.


@regencykitchens on Instagram pose the modern fantasy-themed media wall with the aid of our SLE 150 inset electric fire to create an enhanced cinematic experience and add depth to the colourful themed illusion. The portrayal of a blend of rich purple and blue tones flows seamlessly with the scheme of this home and enhances the viewing experience by providing a performance of dancing light, adding extra drama to their movie night.

@reno_house2home on Instagram had provided us with 2 blissful images featuring our panoramic installed fireplace as centre stage in their living room. We particularly love the structure of this media wall as it creates a show stopping look.

The use of this space-saving media wall is effective in providing a seamless, minimalist effect, making it ideal for a welcoming family environment.  It’s the perfect spot to wind down and catch up on your favourite box set.


@thefireplacecompanyuk on Instagram shares the SLE75 complimented by a double layered geometric mantelpiece to frame its structure. The external framework creates a classic, traditional effect to perfectly encapsulate the statement piece of this living room.

The combination of marble and stone creates a subtle depth in contrast to many traditionally decorative mantlepieces, giving the SLE75 fire place a sleek finish to complement almost any interior scheme.

@firesandstoves @athomewithyaz

@firesandstoves on Instagram showcased another fabulous space of their client @athomewithyaz which is a stunning media wall. The dramatic feature wall boasts a trendy yet functional purpose by eliminating any need for your traditional tv console. @athomewithyaz chose the panoramic installation to create ambiance without using unnecessary space or interrupting the centerpiece of this living room.


@inspirationalfires on Instagram posted this geometric masterpiece featuring our SLE150 fireplace that slots seamlessly into this stunning media wall. Our fireplaces are popularly set with media walls to create a space-effective open plan effect without imposing on the dining/living area of the home.

The rustic glow of the embers creates warmth and compliments the integrated spotlights of this structure to provide a modern and idyllic finish.


@thefireplacegroup on Instagram features the SLE150 in this stunning media wall to boast our range of colourways controlled by the smart app / infrared remote control.

The glazed stone finish of this feature wall holds our futuristic fire and brings a pop of colour to enhance the clean cinematic theme of the space.

We hope these images have given you some inspiration. We would love to see more of your fabulous fireplace images on social media. Please tag us @solutionfires on Instagram and Facebook, we look forward to seeing your fireplace installations and media walls.

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